Is your Website 508 Ready?

According to Google, 1 billion people in the world have disabilities – visually impaired & hearing disabled – who would benefit from an accessibility compliant web site. In addition, people who are not fluent in English, people who have trouble using a mouse, people with temporary disabilities, older people and new users can all benefit from adherence to web accessibility standards.

On January 18, 2017, the United States Access Board published a final rule that updates requirements for information and communication technology covered by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and Section 255 of the Communication Act. To see if your company is at risk, visit the official website: – these new rules go into effect in 2018.

With the potential for increased market share, increased search engine performance, enhanced usability and the positive impact on brand reputation, your company can gain a competitive advantage. Combined with the reduced risk of class action suits, government fines, legal costs and the resulting PR loss, the case for making your web site accessibility compliant is compelling.


Reposted from Morgan Catlin’s blog